August 2005

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The rapid growth in readership of The Innovators is exciting.  Business leaders are saying that we are filling a need … a link to cutting-edge thinking not in broad circulation. 

Several of our articles have been reprinted by leading business magazines.  Reprints of all articles and interviews are available upon request.

We are expanding our resource library. Our CD-ROM and audio CD media will help you get new thinking across to members of your enterprise. Request a complete index to view all our offerings. They include:

  • Operating your Business in Times of Disruptive Change
  • Introducing Breakthrough Innovation
  • A Breakthrough Approach to Growth

We value your input and insight. Who are the business leaders you would you like interviewed? Who are the cutting-edge thinkers, not widely published? Do you have a success story to share with the Community?

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Doug Berger

Publisher and Managing Partner, INNOVATE

Interview with Pat Geraghty

Senior Vice President, Service at Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey

Pat has shifted the performance of customer service from mid-tier to best in class in the Blue Cross network. In this interview Pat offers insight into his thinking on managing a transformation in customer service and building a purposeful organization, focused on customer advocacy.

Making Good Leaders Great -- How to Keep Them Great

by Marshall Goldsmith

A renowned educator, writer and speaker on executive performance, Marshall shares his insights into developing leaders. Marshall's research shows that there are three key principles for leaders to abide by to become and remain better leaders.

Leading in Times of Disruptive Change

by Doug Berger, Innovate

Sound management for dealing with business-as-usual change won't produce long-term success in an environment of disruptive change. Doug describes ways to recognize when you are facing disruptive change and a leadership model for pro-active response.

The Coaches Corner

A Business Unit VP asks:  We are in the midst of a strategic planning process. 

I anticipate obtaining approval from our executive committee.  Past strategies have been approved yet failed to win the hearts and minds of our senior executives.  During execution, the growth ventures were starved for investment and key people resulting in only incremental growth. 

What actions can make a difference?


This month we have two brainteasers. The brainteasers are like Aesop's Fables, there is a moral to the story.

Thought-Provoking Books and Articles

This issue we introduce two books on the subject of mental models. We also include references to published articles with thought-provoking perspectives on complex business issues.

Additional Resources

Our colleague Aldonna Ambler, The Growth Strategist™, hosts a weekly internet show, which airs live every Tuesday at 11 a.m. ET on VoiceAmerica® Business (  Each week Aldonna and guest speakers discuss a particular growth strategy.  These include strategic alliances, joint ventures and customer relationship management.  All shows are archived for your listening convenience. Aldonna can be reached at

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