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July 2004

Interesting References

We are also on the lookout for articles that provide quotable support for points of view that Innovators are introducing into their enterprises. These articles are credible sources, which independently and objectively support views on breakthrough innovation.

Six Sigma is not Enough

by: Michael Flaherty
Reuters - Business, May 17, 2004

The article highlights some of the controversy around using the Six Sigma methodology for achieving top line growth.

Innovation's New Performance Standard

by: David Neely and Kevin Dehoff
strategy+business (a Booz Allen Hamilton publication), Spring 2004

Booz Allen Hamilton surveyed 50 companies in early 2004, and more than 90 percent of top managers at those firms, in fields such as aerospace, automotive products, pharmaceuticals, and telecommunications, said innovation was critical to achieving their strategic objectives. But a vast disconnect lies between hope and reality. Executives say that only half the improvement efforts they launch end up meeting expectations. Booz Allen identifies 4 factors that contribute to success.

Helping employees embrace change

by: Jennifer A. LaClair and Ravi P. Rao
The McKinsey Quarterly 2002 Number 4

McKinsey studied change programs at 40 organizations. Each project was initiated by senior management and could potentially have had a large economic impact. As expected only 42% achieved or exceeded their expected returns. The insightful finding: Successful change management requires different competencies at each level of the organization. The worst performing organizations lacked change management competency at 2 or more organizational. In the article McKinsey summarizes their best practices for change management.

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