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July 2004

Our Hopes for The Innovators

I am delighted to be introducing our inaugural edition of The Innovators. This publication has a very specific audience in mind - YOU.

This Ezine is designed for business leaders passionate about taking the enterprise - Your Business - to the next level. Mere improvement is not enough for you.

You look to the future -- you see new vistas - new potentials - places you want to move your organization - exciting realities.

We are about -
Changing the Game.

Breakthrough Innovation is achieving and sustaining extraordinary business results . mobilizing people . unleashing and harnessing the human system.

The Innovators is designed to help you get there. There are two words that capture our mission:

Breakthrough Innovation

Going beyond limits. Seeing and seizing business possibilities outside the know-how of most people's experience. We know they are achievable even if at the outset we don't know how.

Going beyond our own limits - a capacity all humans possess. We are always seeking ways to far exceed our current abilities. Conventional levels of performance are just not enough for us.

Determined to build pathways that create value - value for our customers, vitality for our employees and return for our investors. Searching for ways to ignite the passion and commitment of people in our organizations. Promoting new ways of thinking, working and communicating.

You are one of The Innovators

You are at your best, most truly alive when you are pushing through your own personal sound barrier. "Impossible" . "impractical" are not in our vocabulary. You are living life on the business edge. You are internally driven by the challenge of crossing the chasm from bold futures to today's business 'reality' and constructing pathways for others to follow.

There are many of us out there. Yet, we are not linked. We are hidden behind the social conventions of our own companies. There are far too many degrees of separation that dilute our community. Missing is the experience of comradery and the spontaneous opportunities for affiliation, discovery and sharing.

If we could connect with one another and share experiences - Innovator to Innovator - that would be exhilarating. Our aim is to connect such Innovators.

This Ezine we will feature thought leaders and avant-guard executives with the intention of connecting our Community. Each article will have a 'Velcro' point that attaches to your thinking. You will be exposed to new points of view, lessons and courses of action.

The Innovators will feature

  • Interviews with executives sharing their thinking and insights regarding their bold undertakings, revealing their underlying mental model.
  • The ' Innovators' Coaches Corner' will provide action-oriented counsel on real problems and challenges from members of The Innovators' Community.
  • Brainteasers to get out-of-the-box for a few minutes.
  • WebLinks to timely stories.
  • WebLinks to world-class resources.
  • Calendar of Events about conferences and seminars where you can interact with Innovators .
  • Tools and technology that are enablers of The Innovators.
  • 'Want Ads' - Faced with a particular challenge? You can invite members of The Innovators Community to be a source of knowledge and know-how.
    (The Innovators will protect your anonymity.)

We hope that The Innovators will take on a life of its own and be a valued contribution to your business life.

Doug Berger

Managing Partner
Innovate LLC.

©2004 Innovate LLC (all rights reserved)

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