July 2004

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Our hopes for The Innovators

A message from Doug Berger, Managing Partner, Innovate LLC.

Interview with Bob Danzig

Former head of Hearst Newspaper Group, Bob is known for taking the newspaper group from year after year loses to the biggest cash generator in all of the Hearst Corporation. His leadership exemplifies the best of breakthrough innovation. We are pleased and excited to share with you his insights and thinking.

Want to bring strategy to life? Then Shift people's mental model!

Why is implementing business strategy so difficult? How can a business executive implement a new business strategy more quickly and effectively? What does it take to make the strategy stick? The key is having people internalize strategy as a new mental model of the business and how it is run.

Doing business in China - something you need to know

China is a complicated place to do business. Many companies are walking away from business opportunities, agreeing to disadvantageous business deals, or unnecessarily waiting for further government business reforms.

Is your business flat? Maybe it's a plateau

When a division President says that 'business has been flat', that single word conveys a lack of growth in revenue, customers and employees. The word "flat' also conveys how it feels to work in that division. Flat business is often matter of management issues and internal dynamics. The organization has plateau'd!

The Coaches Corner

An executive asks: "We just launched several ambitious projects aimed at breakthroughs in time to market and bigger results in the same or shorter time period. In what areas should I focus my attention?"


This month's brainteaser attributed to Microsoft. It is touted as one of the questions that potential employees might be asked in a job interview.

Thought-Provoking Articles

Links to published articles - Thought-provoking perspectives on complex business issues. Leaps in thinking often happen when reading about other's issues - you can glean an insight into your absorbing issue.

Interesting References

Quotable, independent and objective sources for Innovators who are introducing new business perspectives into their enterprises.


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