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Doug Berger speaks on topics of strategic importance

Growing in Today's Hyper-Dynamic Economy

Disrupter or Disrupted?


The harsh reality is - no company, no organization, no function is safe from disruption.  Disruption may be an event or it may creep-up until hitting a tipping point.   


Everywhere you look, industry traditions are getting overturned.  Competitive advantage can quickly disappear.  Growth has become a zero-sum game. 


Executives and owners can no longer count on an upwards market trend. In every business segment there will be winners.  Winners use disruption to their advantage. 

Gain a disruptive mindset, new lenses on the world, and tools to use disruption to your advantage.


Industry Reimagined 2030


Over the next decade we will have brought about a generational sea-change in U.S. industry, contributing to socio-economic prosperity for individuals, business, communities and society.

The widespread view that the U.S. has been enduring a generation of industrial decline has led us to a collective mindset that decline is inevitable.

The Industry Reimagined Project is the catalyst for national associations and institutes to collaborate and speak with a unified, compelling voice for this vibrant future.

The Breakthrough Mindset


Breakthrough is about what is possible not what is predictable.  Breakthrough is living from your aspirations and transforming the bold into practical steps. 


Every leader will face situations in which conventional thinking is insufficient.  The outcome demands you transform yourself to successfully challenge the status quo.

You will be trailblazing through territory marked by unknowns, and uncertainties, and need to empower people  to journey alongside you.


The big idea is that Breakthrough is a learnable skill and The Breakthrough Roadmap is a systematic way to think BIG and be in effective action.

Calendar of Events

February 9-10      Boulder (virtual)

March 9                 Houston (virtual)

March 24-25         Atlanta (Virtual)

May 19                   Fort Collins (Virtual)


Keynote Speaking and Workshops

Interactive, provocative, multi-media

to ensure relevance, learning and impact


Keynote Speaking and Workshops

Interactive, provocative, multi-media

to ensure relevance, learning and impact

Management Consulting

Highly customized, breakthrough approaches achieving

bold, unprecedented outcome


Management Consulting

Highly customized, breakthrough approaches achieving

bold, unprecedented outcomes


Doug Berger

founder,  INNOVATE


A serial entrepreneur. Founder of two consulting firms, COO of a technology start-up, adjunct faculty of entrepreneur boot camps, author and keynote speaker.


Doug is game-change champion and breakthrough thinker. He works with executives troubled about adapting to disruption or frustrated by their company’s weak track record in building new growth businesses and gaining real value from digital transformation.  


He has multi-industry experience including consumer products, technology, entertainment & media and natural resources.  He has delivered over $1 bn in sustained annual profitability to clients. Expertise spans industry sectors including technology, chemicals, consumer, medical devices and natural resources.

He has a talent and passion for conceiving bold solutions to big, complex problems … sparking new perspectives and imaginative thinking … empowering and mobilizing people … transforming organizations’ capabilities.  Doug instills confidence and trust with senior managers on their most sensitive issues, and forms long-lasting partnerships.

Doug Berger is proud to speak at and consult for some of the world's leading companies

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